A Unique Multi-level Skills Development Program


Drug Development Process and Innovation Skill Acquisition

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BIS Level I teaches you how to develop an innovation mindset while increasing your professional toolkit. It is open to those who are just beginning their careers or who are looking for a career transition.

High-quality online content, curated by adMare experts, is contextualized through integration workshops and participants are also supported in seeking mentors, and growing their networks.

Completing Level I takes eight months, committing approximately 5-10 learning hours a month. As a BIS Level I graduate you will receive industry recognition from adMare for demonstrating commitment to the Canadian life sciences industry


Commercial Acumen and Innovation Skill Development

COMING IN 2021-2022.

BIS Level II focuses on honing and adding significant commercial acumen to your professional toolbox. As a participant you will continue to build your network and your industry profile. You will be provided with senior scientists as mentors. BIS Level II graduates will receive recognition for their developing mastery of valuable innovation skills, for the value of your growing network, and your ability to accelerate the flow of life sciences technologies to market.


Life Science Project Management Expertise and Innovation Project Application

COMING IN 2021-2022.

As a BIS Level III participant, you will have access to senior executive mentors and will in turn be expected to mentor others. You will be invited to further explore your specific field or other disciplines through placements and laboratory innovation projects. You will be eligible to receive scholarships to attend industry events and adMare will provide you with an interactive platform to share your ideas with the industry. BIS Level III graduates like yourself will receive recognition for your advanced innovation skills, your established network, diverse experience, and the respect your opinions will command in the Canadian life sciences industry.