Scale your skills. Transform your company’s future.

Successfully scaling Canadian life sciences companies, and growing them into strong, multi-product anchors, requires leaders to think in more complex, systematic, and strategic ways. To address this pressing need, adMare BioInnovations created this unique program open to a maximum of 20 executive-level life sciences professionals annually. Recognizing that diversity is Canada’s strength, priority and particular focus is given to addressing the gender gap within Canadian life sciences leadership, and to building opportunities for under-represented groups.

The program is delivered in collaboration with global training leaders, the not-for-profit Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL). Leadership training is CCL’s sole focus and has been all they do for the past 50 years. Because of their track record, they have been ranked among the world’s Top 5 institutions for executive education by Bloomberg Businessweek and the Financial Times.

The program that adMare and CCL have custom- designed combines researched and proven best practices/principles with targeted industry topics to take participants on a leadership journey. Using a blend of in-depth assessments, simulations, challenging assignments and executive coaching, the program is focused on current (and future) issues and company challenges, making it highly relevant to the learner’s real work – learning while applying.

Executives in the program engage in development that is focused on their unique leadership needs, enabling them to maximize personal leadership power to accelerate their organization’s goals, commitment, alignment and results.

They will focus on key leadership competencies such as: validating and articulating a vision, leading outwardly, communication, influence, self-awareness and executive image. They will delve into their high-level challenges. They will gain a clear view of their impact on their organization and:

  • Develop clear action plans around organizational challenges and priorities;
  • Validate or re-cast organizational vision;
  • Clarify their leadership effectiveness within the organization, and in comparison to other senior executives;
  • Improve external influence skills with boards, shareholders, partners and critical stakeholders;
  • Enhance their executive image and communication skills.

Why the adMare Executive Institute

  • A rigorous application process ensures participants are appropriately challenged, and in the company of peers from across Canada.
  • Content is framed in the context of the life sciences industry and based on extensive research and comparable data on what works.
  • A proven learning design is led by an elite faculty with extensive experience working with executives.
  • The thought leaders, practitioners, and educators who join us are committed to providing fresh, thought-provoking content and inspiration, while also focusing on specific leadership competencies;
  • The experience is designed to create customizable development paths to meet your specific needs – with individual leader development placed in the context of current corporate needs.
  • Exercises will allow for course learning to be applied in real-time, to current business challenges.
  • Small learning teams will allow for reflection on insights gained, and for discussion of business-related issues – a unique opportunity for every individual to contribute their own thinking, and collaborate in peer groups to explore how to best apply learnings to themselves, their team, and their organization.
  • Thanks to the generous support of Pfizer Canada,  adMare Academy is able to offer this program with NO FEE to participants (estimated market cost of $20,000 CDN). *See ‘Program Costs’ for further detail.

Applications for the 2021-2022 Executive Institute cohort are now open. Deadline is July 5. 

Make an executive decision to learn more about the adMare Executive Academy. Email your questions to our Academy Program Manager at