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Participant Assessment & Preparation

As the adMare BioInnovations Executive Institute’s program is tailored to the specific needs of each selected participant, comprehensive pre-program activities will take place over August-September, and include:

  • A series of web-based assessment surveys completed by participants, direct reports, peers and superiors;
  • A 60-minute call between the participant and a CCL executive coach to debrief on the findings of the assessment, and to draw out specific individual goals;
  • Pre-reading for workshops.


Highly relevant, research-based content to expand knowledge and address essential challenges will be delivered through multiple workshops beginning in September 2020, and concluding in May 2021. Workshops will be delivered digitally and/or in-person in fashions fully compliant with both public health concerns and learning needs.

Workshops will be held during the following months (exact dates tbc):

  • September
  • November
  • January
  • March
  • May

Note: Participants are required to attend each of these workshops.

The instructor/participant ratio for the workshops is no more than 10:1. Content will center around themes of Personal Branding, Strategic Leadership, the Culture of Innovation, and include CCL’s unique Looking Glass Experience, a complex business simulation designed to help individuals understand how they lead and influence others in an organization, and to:

  • Develop the ability to recognize opportunities and avoid pitfalls, balance tactical concerns with strategic possibilities, and become better decision-makers;
  • Understand strengths and developmental needs, and set specific goals to successfully navigate complex leadership situations;
  • Gain self-awareness on how to best adapt to complex organizational challenges and the effect they have on productivity;
  • Communicate more effectively at all levels, and receive constructive feedback;
  • Receive direct, applicable insight of the complexities involved in managing a global enterprise.

Workshops will also include specific discussion on:

  • Business operations – The heart of all other challenges in the complex and uncertain world of life sciences;
  • Strategic issues – Setting and realizing vision, direction and goals;
  • Preparing for growth & managing change – Both day-to-day, and in the long-term;
  • Boundary spanning – Leading across levels, silos, cultures, backgrounds and interests;
  • Individual impact – Understanding and adjusting leadership style, and effectively building trust and influence.

Executive Coaching

A great executive coach can be catalytic. They have the right words and the right questions at the right time to help executives adjust their practices to achieve greater levels of success. They expand perspective, inspire, and provide challenges and support like no one else can.

The adMare Executive Institute provides seven hours of deeply personalized one-on-one sessions with an executive coach from CCL’s worldwide team. Coaches are matched to a participant’s development needs and personality. Through a research-based approach, coaches will help guide participants in their personal assessment, goal-setting, applying learning to their own experiences, and in planning ongoing steps in their development.

Accountability Groups

Peer Power – Formal Accountability Peer Groups will be formed to provide participants a vehicle to gain broader perspectives on issues they are experiencing, and to add depth to feedback and key ideas, while offering extensive long-term networking opportunities to provide connections, ideas and support.

Accountability Group sessions (as well as ongoing inter-sessional connecting) and related assignments, will focus on tackling key organization challenges, and participants will network and learn from fellow leaders with comparable real-world experiences and familiar challenges.


Anytime, anywhere access and opportunities for short, intense learning centered on leadership/skill-building for complex, volatile environments will also be offered through complementary on-line training. These digital resources will allow for learning in the work environment, and for putting the lessons learned immediately into practice. These resources as well as all course content and materials, and your personal documents will be combined into a centralized Learning Management System for easy access and reference.

Post-Graduation Activities

Continual Learning – Leadership development is a journey that doesn’t end after 10 months. The adMare Executive Institute offers ongoing resources to apply and sustain graduates’ learning experience. These include:

  • REFLECTIONS®, an assessment to measure skills and behavior progress, completed after the program;
  • A one-hour phone session with their CCL coach to assess ongoing needs and goals;
  • Access to webinars, eLearning, and micro-learning resources for one year.

To enhance ongoing executive development, program graduates will also have the opportunity to teach topics about which they are passionate to co-workers and others, and to continue their involvement through extended peer groups, and by becoming mentors for new Executive Institute cohorts.

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