Where Your PhD Goes From Paper to Practice

Have you recently completed your PhD and aspire to a career as a bioinnovator? Then come work right alongside our highly- experienced industrial R&D team here at adMare.

Applications are invited for a 24-month research-intensive fellowship designed to offer hands-on bench scientific experience while developing valuable and lifelong career advancement skills in adMare’s highly advanced and innovative commercial R&D environment.

In addition to contributing both intellectually and experimentally to numerous therapeutic programs with a focus on data generation, fellows will receive on-the-job training supplemented with customized learning and development initiatives to advance the understanding of the drug development lifecycle and personal skills acquisition.

As an adMare Fellow you will:

  • Engage meaningfully with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities with an outlook on transferrable competencies
  • Leverage past scientific education and experience, and design, execute and drive key cutting edge R&D initiatives within adMare’s programs
  • Prepare presentations and participate in manuscript and patent application writing
  • Develop professional soft skills critical to success within and outside adMare
  • Broaden your professional network throughout the life sciences industry.

The adMare Academy accepts applications to the Fellowship Program as positions become available. Current job opportunities are posted in the Careers section of our website.

If you have questions regarding opportunities, your eligibility or other program details, please contact our Academy Program Manager at training@admarebio.com.