Bradley Popovich

Brad Popovich was the Chief Scientific Officer at Genome British Columbia in Vancouver, BC from January 2011 until he retired in July 2015. His involvement in the organization spans many years; Brad sat on the board of directors from 2006-2011; served as Chairman of the Science Committee and Vice-Board Chair at Genome British Columbia from 2008-2010. Brad continues to serve as Chairman, Genetic Information Management Systems; Chairman, Microbiome Insights; and Director, Interface Health.

Brad was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sirius Genomics from 2006-2009 where he helped build the foundation and financing necessary to move the company’s first product from the research bench and into clinical trials / FDA review. He served as Vice President of Operations at Xenon Pharmaceuticals (2001-2005). Previously, he was the Founder and Director to the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at Oregon Health Sciences University where he was also the Director of Graduate Education and the Executive Director, Genetic Service Laboratories at the University Hospital (1992-2001). Brad was previously the Founder and Director of the DNA Diagnostic Laboratory at Children’s Hospital San Diego / University of California San Diego (1989-1992).

Previously Brad served as a Director for: Sirius Genomics (2006-2012); DNA Direct (2005-2010); Tm Bioscience (2003-2006); the American College of Medical Genetics (Director and VP Laboratory Genetics 1999-2005); and the American College of Medical Genetics Foundation (1999-2005). He additionally was Chairman of the Oregon Genetic Privacy Advisory Committee (1995-2001). He was co-author the first genetic privacy legislation passed into law in the US while at OHSU, and helped defend this bill in Oregon Senate and House and be enacted into law in 1995. He was a founding member of the Oregon DNA Forensic Experts Panel (1993-2001).

Brad’s professional training is in genetic counselling (MS, Sarah Lawrence College) biochemical genetics (MSc, McGill University), molecular genetics (PhD, McGill University), and postdoctoral training / clinical fellowship (University of Wisconsin, and University of North Carolina laboratory of Nobel Laureate Oliver Smithies). He became board certified in clinical molecular genetics in 1993 by the American Board of Medical Specialists and the American Board of Medical Genetics.