Companies We’re Proud to Have Helped Scale

adMare has helped build more than 20 life sciences companies across Canada that have attracted more than $1.15B of investment and have a combined worth of over $2.3B.

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Abdera Therapeutics logo


Abdera Therapeutics Inc. is a precision oncology company focused on developing next-generation effective targeted alpha radiation therapies (TATs) for patients with relapsed, refractory and metastatic cancers. For more information visit:

Bellus Health logo

Bellus Health

BELLUS Health is developing BLU-5937, a P2X3 antagonist, to help people with chronic cough and other afferent hypersensitization-related disorders. For more information visit:

Encyle Therapeutics logo

Encycle Therapeutics

Encycle Therapeutics is a drug discovery company that is exploiting a novel synthetic method to generate “nacellins,” more drug-like peptide macrocycles. The company has generated several scaffolds that are membrane permeable and orally bioavailable, such nacellins being ideal for targeting protein-protein interactions. Encycle’s lead program focuses on the development of a non-immunogenic, orally bioavailable inhibitor of integrin alpha-4-beta-7 for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. The company has also entered into several research collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer Inc., AstraZeneca, GSK, Merck and Takeda. For more information visit:

Epigene Therapeutics Inc. logo

Epigene Therapeutics

Advancing novel, orally bioavailable epigenetic modulators for the targeted treatment of cancer.

Find Therapeutics logo

Find Therapeutics

Find Therapeutics’ mission is to emerge with a new therapeutic modality. Its aggregate technologies capitalize on deciphering disease-modifying GPCR pharmacology: precise ligand signalling, disease-contextual cellular systems and advanced molecular design. For more information visit:

Flosonics Medical

Flosonics Medical is a Canadian founded and venture-backed medical device company focused on developing non-invasive sensors to improve the management of critically-ill patients. For more information visit:

Forus Therapeutics logo

Forus Therapeutics

FORUS Therapeutics is a Canadian biopharmaceutical company dedicated to advancing differentiated, novel medicines for hematologic malignancies and other forms of cancer. For more information visit:

ImStar Therapeutics logo

ImStar Therapeutics

Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform for cancer. For more information visit:

Inversago Pharma logo

Inversago Pharma

Inversago Pharma is a clinical-stage, biotech company specialized in the development of new therapies focusing on CB1 blockade, based on first-in-class, peripherally-acting, CB1 inverse agonists. The Company aims to provide new treatment options that improve the lives of patients affected by metabolic conditions such as Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), type 1 diabetes (T1D) and diabetic nephropathy. For more information visit:

Kairos Therapeutics logo

Kairos Therapeutics

Kairos Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company with a proprietary next-generation antibody-drug conjugate platform based on novel toxin, linker, and site-specific conjugation technology. This technology enables the development of highly efficacious and targeted therapeutics with reduced side-effects. Through key partnerships, Kairos is developing a pipeline of novel antibody-drug conjugate therapeutics for the treatment of multiple forms of cancer.

Kalgene Pharmaceuticals logo

KalGene Pharmaceuticals

KalGene has developed an anti-amyloid therapy to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease that overcomes the safety issues inherent with antibody-based approaches, including Biogen’s Aducanumab, is more effective and requires less product for efficacy. For more information visit:

KisoJi logo


KisoJi is a privately-held next-generation antibody company developing multi-specific antibodies to improve outcomes in oncology. Using next generation sequencing, machine learning and transgenic technologies, KisoJi has developed a powerful new multi-specific antibody discovery platform. For more information visit:

Mesentech logo


Novel technology for bone health. For more information visit:

Neurasic Therapeutics logo

Neurasic Therapeutics

Neurasic Therapeutics is based on breakthrough research from Dr. Philippe Séguéla, professor of neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal. Neurasic’s potential drug therapy targets acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs), a gene family of neuronal receptors that play a role in multiple neurological disorders. For more information visit:

Nexelis logo


Nexelis is an immunology-centric CRO specialized in preclinical models and clinical assay development in single and multiplex formats and sample analysis for low-, mid- and large-scale clinical testing. For more information visit:

Precision Nanosystems logo

Precision Nanosystems

Solutions for discovery, development and manufacture of novel nanoparticles for use as medicines and in medical research. For more information visit:

Sepset logo


Diagnostic for early and rapid diagnosis and stratification of patients likely to develop severe sepsis and organ failure. For more information visit:

Sitka Biopharma logo


Nanoparticle platform technology for cancer. For more information visit:

Soundbite Medical Solutions logo

SoundBite Medical Solutions

Soundbite is a medical devices company, Montreal and Sherbrooke-based, developing and commercializing proprietary wire-based devices and generator technology that delivers shockwave energy within the cardiovascular system to treat chronic total occlusions (CTO’s). For more information visit:

Zymeworks logo


Zymeworks Inc. is a publicly listed (NYSE: ZYME), clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of next-generation multifunctional biotherapeutics, initially focused on the treatment of cancer. For more information visit:

Zucara logo


Novel technology to prevent hypoglycemia in diabetics. For more information visit: