The Science of Academic Collaborations

An important pillar of adMare’s mission is to translate leading academic research into new companies of scale. We do this in four key steps.

We identify opportunities.

Promising current and future commercial opportunities are proactively identified and thoroughly assessed through a systematic ‘foresighting’ search and evaluation process managed by a dedicated, commercially-experienced adMare partnership team.

We validate and advance technologies.

We find leading technologies / platforms with the potential to be first / best-in-class that can form the foundation around which we can build an investable company. We not only further validate technologies, but also develop them into commercially attractive programs by generating valuable IP and data, and developing and executing on a viable commercial strategy.

We build partnerships.

For the opportunities deemed to hold the most potential in creating / returning value, we bring together the very best partners from throughout academia, industry, patient foundations, the investment community, as well as other KOLs.

We recruit leadership.

We build an experienced management team to generate a complete and highly-compelling business case to secure private sector investors, grow the company, and take technologies to patients.

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