Is CARI open to collaborations outside Canada?

We are open to evaluating global collaborations if we can find a way to bring the development work and IP into Canada.

Does CARI fund clinical trials?

CARI would not directly fund a clinical trial, we are able to provide regulatory affairs and manufacturing support.

Does CARI assist with patient recruitment for clinical trials?

We do not directly participate in patient recruitment, however, we can provide regulatory consultation and an introduction to those in our network who are able to help.

Is proof-of-concept data is required for CARI?

The CARI program can support programs at any stage of development including discovery and preclinical stages, provided there is data to support the rationale.

Does CARI provide independent consultation services?

The CARI program is only able to provide regulatory consultation as an in-kind service for ongoing partnerships with CPDC/adMare.

Is CARI interested in both diagnostic and therapeutic programs?

The priority for CARI is to identify therapeutic programs but on a case by case basis we can evaluate diagnostic programs that may have utility as a companion diagnostic.

Does CARI have interest in indications other than oncology?

Although Oncology is a primary focus, we are open to considering programs in other indications that address an unmet need for diagnostics or therapeutics.

Does CARI require matching funds?

We do not require our partners to provide matching funds.

Do you provide funding for generation of proof-of-concept data?

We require some early proof-of-principle data to support the rationale but do not fund initial generation of required proof-of-concept data in a partner laboratory.

Does CARI assist in sourcing financing?

The CARI team has a wide range of expertise and can provide business consultation including business plan development and strategy, to position the company or technology for investment.

For additional information, please contact:

Stuart Cain
Associate Director, Scientific Evaluation
adMare BioInnovations

Ghadeer Shubassi
Business Development Manager
The Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC)