After the challenges of the past three years, Canadian life sciences is experiencing a generational moment. Everyone has recognized the importance of this sector, and strategic investments were made by Canadian governments to help lay the foundation for a sustainable, globally competitive, life sciences sector in Canada. The actors of this sector must respond to this momentum, and one way to respond is to collaborate in establishing a fact-based, research-proven roadmap.

The adMare Institute will base its work on hard data, referencing published literature from noted academics and leaders from across the world to analyze what decisions need to be made to continue building a strong life science industry.

Data provided by fact-based research and evidence will better equip industry and governments to understand these issues and proactively define collaborative solutions that can ensure Canada seizes this moment.

The first adMare Institute white paper

The first white paper will look at the component parts of a sustainable ecosystem, the role of anchor companies within such an ecosystem, and propose a definition of “anchor company” in the Canadian context.

Canada has an extraordinary opportunity to truly become a global life sciences leader. To seize this opportunity, we need to be clear about the data and the facts at its foundation and have a candid dialogue about public policy issues.

Gordon C. McCauley

President & CEO,
adMare BioInnovations

Advisory committee

An advisory committee will be formed to give their insights and expertise on the Institute's work.

The composition will be announced shortly.

Paul Buron

Theresa Firestone

Patricia Gauthier

Nancy Harrison

Gordon C. McCauley

Travis McCready

Laurence Rulleau

Michelle Savoie