The Accelerator program brings early-stage ventures together to achieve essential milestones for the successful development and commercialization of therapeutics (Tx) in Canada. 


The Tx Accelerator focuses on early-stage biotherapeutic ventures with the potential for significant market impact. This is a service for equity “pre-investment” model with up to $250K provided in integrated services per venture with 5% common shares equity due only if the company raises more than $3M (at a valuation of at least $4M). Integrated services include:  

  • Scientific and regulatory guidance for pre-clinical and clinical studies.
  • Coaching and expertise in business development and IP strategy that can result in novel drug-related IP. 
  • Access to advanced personalized training and team building.
  • Access to the adMare Community digital platform, C-suite executives, industry partners, and investors. 
  • Direct support for ventures to scale-up, complete growth-related milestones, and raise Series A. 
  • Follow-up funding available for selected ventures. 
  • Access to state-of-the-art wet laboratory facilities and office space: 
    • adMare labs and vivarium [in QC and BC]
    • MaRS facility in ON

Our facilities

Tx Accelerator provides office and lab spaces at two adMare locations, Montreal and Vancouver, and in partnership with MaRS in Toronto. Access to basic and specialized equipment is provided at each site.


Eligibility and key areas of interest

Ventures working in the following areas will be considered high-priority:
  • Therapeutics: broad range of disease indications (e.g., immunology, oncology, neurology, metabolomics) and categories (e.g., small molecules, biologics, cell and gene therapies).
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning platforms: supporting drug discovery or digital therapeutics.
  • Enabling platforms: novel drug screen, discovery, and delivery platforms that can result in a novel drug-related IP. 

Ventures must be incorporated in Canada with ambitious growth plans, have at least 1 employee, have proprietary IP, and have raised pre-seed funding.

adMare is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.


Application process and program duration

Applications for the adMare Tx Accelerator will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Successful applicants will be invited to present in person and undergo due diligence.

Selected ventures will have the opportunity to remain in the program for up to 24 months, based on progress in de-risking therapeutic technologies and achievement of milestones towards entering clinical trials and/or partnerships with pharma, and raising a Series A. 


Submission requirements

All interested Canadian ventures* are invited to apply by submitting a non-confidential proposal summary in pptx or PDF format, covering the following criteria:

  • Problem
  • Technology
  • Supporting Data
  • Intellectual Property
  • Market Size
  • Business and technology development plan
  • Team

*Applications are encouraged from Indigenous people, women, people with disabilities, racialized people and 2SLGBTQIA+ people.



Submit your application

Please apply to only one of the following accelerator locations:

Québec British-Columbia Ontario

Diligence process and key considerations

Under an NDA, selected ventures will undergo a due diligence process prior to finalization, and are expected to grant access to a data room and must directly provide:

  • Scientific results generated to date 
  • Agreements/contracts in place 
  • IP granted/submitted to date
  • Governance and ownership structure
  • List of all investors and private funding 
  • List of all non-dilutive grants obtained

In case you have any questions regarding the application for the National Tx Accelerator Program, please send an email to Senior Director, National Tx Accelerator Program, Milica Vukmirovic, at

Stellar academic research is the foundation of all adMare BioInnovations’ drug development and commercialization efforts. We work with academic researchers and Biotech founders across the country to proactively identify and collaborate on innovative science and research.

adMare BioInnovations provides seed capital, scientific guidance, business expertise, state-of-the-art lab space, vivarium and office space infrastructure, access to C-suite executives, investors, and industry partners required to help build Canada’s next-generation biotech companies.

  • Building Companies: adMare builds companies by partnering with and investing in technology innovators and entrepreneurs — namely academic researchers and emerging Canadian life sciences companies.
  • Building Ecosystems: We build Canada’s life sciences ecosystem by bringing together and supporting key organizations, producing high-value industry and partnership events, and by building connectivity between all facets of Canada’s life sciences sector through the adMare Community digital platform. We also build physical ecosystems where Canadian companies and Canadian innovation can thrive.
  • Building Talent: The adMare Academy builds talent by training highly-qualified personnel—from undergrads to industry executives—who will drive the growth of the Canadian life sciences industry.
  • Building Relationships: adMare focuses on building and maintaining respectful founders/investor relationships and promotes founders friendly term-sheets.
  • Building National Mission: adMare aims to support innovators and entrepreneurs from all Canadian provinces to build innovative and sustainable life science companies.
  • Supporting Equality in Work Place: adMare demonstrates a commitment to excellence in accelerating and building life science companies through actioning the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion and accessibility.

Fostering innovation

and supporting early-stage life
science companies:


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adMare Academy

Frequently asked

Yes. However, applications must be submitted by March 1st, 2023, to be included in the first cohort of companies. After the first cohort is selected, applications will be considered on a rolling- basis throughout the year, depending on capacity.

Membership in other commercialization programs or accelerators will be considered on a case by case and in the context of the venture’s plans for technology development and commercialization.

The DD process involves the presentation of the venture’s goals and technology development plan to an internal selection committee under confidentiality. Ventures will also be requested to provide access to data, IP, organizational and business-related materials during the DD process. Each venture should anticipate being in active communication with our team over a two-week period for the DD process.

All Canadian-incorporated companies are invited to apply to the Tx Accelerator. However, we only have wet lab and office spaces available in BC, QC, and ON. Please determine which location is best suited for your company.

Upon acceptance to the Tx Accelerator, each company will enter into an agreement outlining the support that will be provided by the program. Acceptance into the accelerator program does not mean that adMare BioInnovations or its regional partners will automatically provide a direct investment (equity) or continuous funding support for your venture. Direct and in-kind support will be provided to each venture depending on the needs determined at intake.

Webinars & open
office hours:

Several webinars and office hours sessions will be held to provide additional information on the Tx Accelerator. 

Please refer to the list of scheduled webinars and events below. Registration is required in order to access the webinar and/or attend in person.


December 13, 2022

For more information on the National adMare Tx Accelerator and how to apply, watch our webinar with Milica Vukmirovic, Senior Director, National Tx Accelerator. 

Virtual office hours:

Each Friday from 2-4pm EST, 

Please connect with the Senior Director, National Tx Accelerator Program, Dr. Milica Vukmirovic at to schedule time for additional consultations.