Dec 06, 2022
From 12 PM to 1 PM

Location Virtual - Via Zoom
ContactColleen Vani

The Missing Links for Innovation in Personalized Health 

adMare Industry Builder Series featuring Alexandre Le Bouthillier

adMare Industry Builder Series featuring Alexandre Le Bouthillier

adMare Industry Builder Series Featuring Alexandre Le Bouthillier: The missing links for innovation in personalized health 

On December 6th at 12 PM ET, Alexandre Le Bouthillier will join adMare's Industry Builder Series to discuss the missing links for innovation in personalized health. 

Health innovations are not evolving as fast as the tech world leading to dire consequences: late diagnosis, low response rate to treatment and ultimately sub-optimal outcomes. 

Artificial intelligence has become an indispensable tool to accelerate the development of new drugs and to implement reliable personalized medicine. 

Alexandre Le Bouthillier, a renowned artificial intelligence entrepreneur, is our guest for this webinar of the Industry Builders series. He will discuss the costly pitfalls and the 2022 breakthrough in AI with the potential to accelerate the path to a comprehensive and integral view of holistic health. 

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After 20 years of experience in IT for hospitals, space agencies, and city-wide storage infrastructure, Alexandre Le Bouthillier transformed his understanding of large systems to tackle the inefficiencies in healthcare. Now, Alexandre works with world-renowned AI experts and physicians to revolutionize the speed and accuracy of treatments and, ultimately, clinical outcomes of patients. He is a Board Member of Mila, IVADO, MEDTEQ & Montreal InVivo. With a Ph.D. in Parallel Computing and Optimization from the Université de Montréal, Le Bouthillier co-founded Imagia to leverage advances in artificial intelligence and accelerate the advent of accessible personalized medicine. In addition, he is co-founder and partner at Linearis, an AI health fund that fosters a collaborative, accessible, equitable, and durable end-to-end health continuum.