An Analytical Look at Validating and Advancing Research

adMare’s Innovation Centre offers essential services for life sciences and health technology companies located on-site and for Technoparc neighbours. Professionally- staffed with experienced teams, the analytical lab is available to meet clients’ requirements and specifications.

Technician working in lab
Photo of lab

Located in the main building and easily accessible, the analytical service provides:

  • Dynamic team combining 20 years of experience in industrial pharma and biotech
  • Wide range of services that can be customized to meet clients’ requirements and specifications
  • Specialized services in purification of chiral and achiral compounds using techniques such as SFC-MS and Preparative HPLC-MS
  • Access to high-end equipment such as NMR, UPLC-MS, Preparative HPLC-MS, SFC-MS and more
  • Very competitive prices, fast turnaround time and close interactions with clients.
Technician using a large machine in lab
Closeup of vials in lab

Interested in the lab’s analytical services? Please contact:

Pascal Turcotte
Manager, Analytical Services