Bringing your
innovations to life

We translate leading academic research into new companies. We work with scientists across the country to proactively identify innovative research and early technologies that have the strongest potential to be collaboratively translated into new therapeutic products and other novel health innovations around which we can co-create a new Canadian investable life sciences company.

In building Abdera within adMare we were able to identify and develop the most promising early-stage technologies for this high-potential area of drug development—and assemble a proven founding executive and scientific team.

Dr. Lana Janes

Co-founder and Senior VP of Operations and Innovation, Abdera Therapeutics

How we get
it done

Identifying opportunities

Our Program Development and Partnerships team proactively identifies therapeutic opportunities with commercial potential that have been discovered by Canadian researchers. Our primary focus is on novel and transformative pre-clinical technologies and platforms addressing unmet medical needs to which adMare can add significant value.

Developing & advancing technologies

Once we have identified differentiated early-stage technologies collaborate with the founding researchers to progress the discovery towards the next drug development milestone and investment readiness. adMare dedicates professional R&D scientists, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and commercialization experts to every collaboration. We commit to generating valuable data and IP, and to executing a viable commercial strategy that will be the foundations of a co-founded Canadian company.

Building partnerships

Every adMare company building initiative is a collaboration amongst willing and engaged partners. We bring together the very best from academia, industry, patient foundations, and the investment community, as well as key opinion leaders in the space, to support the advancement of Canadian technologies, and to create new bio-innovation companies.


A great company is built by a great team. We work with our co-founders to build an experienced founding management and scientific team to generate a complete and highly-compelling business case to secure private sector investors, grow the company, and deliver impactful therapies to patients.

Spurring growth

Reach new heights

We collaborate with existing Canadian life sciences companies in a flexible shared risk/reward model. We bring expertise, infrastructure and investment capital to enable our portfolio companies to further develop their product pipelines, and successfully advance their business to the next inflection point.

What we
look for

Our investment criteria include:


  • Differentiation and competitive advantage of the technology
  • Market opportunity
  • Quality of the team
  • Scope and strength of IP coverage
  • Potential return on investment
  • Impact of an adMare seed investment—will it build the company to a value inflection point that makes it attractive to private capital?
adMare’s strategic investment focus includes biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and digital health solutions.

The adMare difference

Whether you are looking to kickstart a new company or help your existing company achieve its next milestone, look no further than adMare. As a single-stop destination, we provide the seed capital, the scientific and the business expertise, the infrastructure and the network you need to build or grow your dream company.



With the strong support of government and industry partners, and significant commercial returns we’ve generated, adMare has the financial means to make catalytic seed investments to fuel your company creation and/or growth.



When you join forces with adMare, you team up with over one hundred multi-disciplinary scientific and business experts. Our experts have taken products from basic discovery to market approval and will work alongside you every step of the way, from early drug development to commercialization.



We’ve built 225,000 sq. ft. of fully-equipped, state-of-the-art drug development labs. Whether you want to access our shared facilities, or need your own dedicated turnkey labs, look to our world-class Montreal and Vancouver Innovation Centres.



With an extensive national and international network of partners in industry, academia, the investment community, clinical practice, patient foundations, and translational research centres, we know just who to call when any additional resources are needed.