adMare BioInnovations Welcomes Five New Start-Ups in the National Tx Accelerator

adMare BioInnovations Welcomes Five New Start-Ups in the National Tx Accelerator

Vancouver (BC), Toronto (ON), and Montreal (QC) (May 21, 2024) – adMare BioInnovations (adMare) is pleased to announce the acceptance of five therapeutics start-ups from across Canada into the adMare National Therapeutics (Tx) Accelerator. These companies are joining NorthMiRs and Quthero, who entered the Mars-adMare Tx Accelerator program in Ontario in October 2023.  

"We're thrilled to welcome these ventures to our Accelerator," says Clara Ducord, Manager of the National Tx Accelerator. "We want to help these companies innovate and grow; that's how the program works with partners in the sector, hopefully leading to advancements in life sciences and creating high-value economic opportunities nationwide." 

The five new organizations are: 

  • 9Bio 9Bio is a biotech company based in Quebec City, QC, focusing on the development of immuno-oncology therapeutics. Their AI-assisted structural biology platform considers both anatomical and biochemical contexts to help in the design of drugs aimed at selectively targeting tumours. This method is intended to create medicines that are more specific to tumours rather than healthy tissues, potentially enhancing safety and efficacy. The company's current pipeline comprises three therapies in the discovery stage. 
  • RejuvenRx – RejuvenRx Inc.. is an emerging biotech company located in Montreal, QC, aiming to develop new therapeutics for aging and cancers that focus on stem cell biology. Supported by an innovative platform identifying stem cell therapeutic targets, the company is building a pipeline of transformative drug discovery programs. These programs are intended to use molecular glue modalities and conventional inhibition methods to potentially enhance patient health and longevity.
  • TATUM bioscience TATUM bioscience is a therapeutics company based in Sherbrooke, QC, concentrating on developing a new type of immunotherapy for cancer treatment. Their approach involves a modular synthetic biology platform to develop nanofilaments that are designed to help stimulate the immune system to target tumors. This method aims to enhance the immune system's ability to recognize and attack cancer cells, potentially improving treatment outcomes. 
  • SeraGene Therapeutics – SeraGene Therapeutics is a biotech company located in Vancouver, BC, that focuses on developing low treatment burden RNA-based therapies for a broad range of blood coagulation disorders. They utilize deep expertise in nanomedicine and clotting biology with the aim of improving patient lives by reducing the frequency and severity of bleeding or clotting events. 
  • VeracityBio VeracityBio is a biotech company located in Vancouver, BC, focused on developing technologies that aim to automate and expand traditional methods for evaluating the credibility of research and target-disease associations. Their platform facilitates the prioritization of target-disease fit, allowing for systematic screening of potential therapeutic targets. This includes careful risk assessment and mitigation to ensure compatibility between the platform and diseases. 


The adMare National Tx Accelerator is designed to partner with Canadian early-stage, therapeutic ventures. It provides scientific and business development guidance, IP and legal support, access to financial support, and connection to the adMare professional network. The tailored program helps early-stage ventures achieve essential milestones for the successful development and commercialization of therapeutics in Canada. The adMare National Tx Accelerator is possible thanks to the collaboration of many partners within the Canadian life sciences ecosystem sharing their expertise for the ventures’ development. We extend our thanks to the Quebec Ministry of Economy, Innovation, and Energy for their invaluable support in empowering the Quebec companies of our Accelerator program. adMare is proud to partner with MaRS Discovery District to increase regional support in Ontario. 

New ventures will continue to be admitted to the National Tx Accelerator program on a rolling basis. Ventures interested in the support offered by the Accelerator are encouraged to contact the adMare National Tx Accelerator team through our website. Learn more here.    




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